Commercial Solar

Stay competitive by being strategic about your business energy needs. Save money and protect your business against rising energy costs. Whether your business is a school or a factory, a shop, or a warehouse, energy independence is a significant component in any risk management or sustainability program.

At SunBoost, we know that your business requires a system that you can rely on, year-in, year-out. We use high quality components, provide ongoing servicing and comprehensive performance guarantee for every installation.

With ever-increasing energy costs, utilising your roof space for solar power generation can prove to be a sensible decision. There are significant benefits of investing in commercial solar panels for businesses, industries, and enterprises. We simplify the whole process of commercial solar installation for you so that you can reap optimum benefits from solar power. With Sunboost, you get smart solar power solutions, which are customised as per your energy consumption needs.

Great Return On Investment

The ongoing high solar rebates (which is reducing every year!) and high feed-in-tariffs mean switching to solar now is super affordable. Furthermore, plenty of interest-free financing options and our 25-year solar performance Warranty makes going SOLAR, a no-brainer.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Going solar not only helps you save more on your energy bills but also it helps you to build a loyal customer base. Customers get a unique satisfaction that they are playing their part to save the environment. A 30 kW solar system allows you to reduce a whopping 40 tonnes of CO2 Every Year!

Reduce Your Overhead To Zero

It is no secret that installing a solar system on your roof extensively reduces your energy bills. This will give you a competitive edge as you can reduce your electricity overhead to zero.

Pay As You Save

Plenty of interest-free finance options are now available, which requires zero upfront payment. Now you can pay as you save. Furthermore, the solar hours are the business hours which makes solar an excellent choice to reduce your overheads.

Insurance To Skyrocketing Bills

Reduce the reliance on your energy provider by generating and storing your energy, which creates a buffer against ever-increasing electricity prices.

Increased Property Value

Adopting commercial solar power is a smart decision to gain tax credits and energy savings. Commercial solar panels are mostly sought after by businesses, industries, and enterprises owing to the minimal maintenance and long-term returns of solar energy. Installing a solar system will result in an increased value of your commercial property as new buyers will not have to worry about the initial investment or installation costs.

Commercial Solar Packages

20kW Solar System

20kW Solar System

54 x 370 = 19980W Tier 1 Panels 20 kW Wifi Inverter Tier 1 Solar Module High Efficiency Solar Module

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30kW Solar System

30kW Solar System

81 x 370 = 29970W Tier 1 Panels 30 kW Wifi Inverter Tier 1 Solar Module High Efficiency Solar Module

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50kW Solar System

50kW Solar System

135 x 370 = 49950W Tier 1 Panels 30kW + 10kW + 10kW Wifi Inverter Tier 1 Solar Module

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